Introduction to Origami

Get started in the ancient Japanese art of paper folding! Origami is a relaxing and enjoyable way to de-stress and explore your creative side. Students of the art form learn to produce attractive and intriguing three-dimensional models, typically from only a single sheet of square paper in the way of materials. As a rule, neither scissors nor glue are used. Origami paper (which is provided as part of your course) is usually coloured or patterned on one side and white on the other, and is generally thinner than ordinary writing or printer paper. Models are built up from a succession of individual folds, which, while generally not difficult in isolation, do require concentration and attention to detail. It’s easy to get started in Origami, and course participants who have the aptitude and patience should be able to produce a number of pieces during the session.

Attraction / Event Details

No previous experience required

All materials will be provided

Bring reading glasses if you use them!


Course facilitator will introduce themselves, and facilitate brief introductions of attendees

Following these simple principles will ensure your productions are authentic

Stephanie Morris
Paper Artist at Origami Origayu
Origami Origayu
Stephanie Morris began paper-folding while living in Japan as a child, and at the age of 12 gained first place at the all-England under 18s National Origami Championship. She is a prize-winning Origami exhibitor and has demonstrated her work at numerous festivals and events both in the UK and overseas.
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    Yes. As is usual in origami, the only material required is paper. You will be provided with special origami paper at no extra cost. 

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